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Understand Customers and Market. Analyse is the important component of customer data that improves marketing decisions.


Digital Reinventing. Mastering the Digital Forces to reinvent business in a fashioned manner. Stay competitive in the Digital Economy.


We see a strong need for organizations to prepare themselves for the use of personal devices within the enterprise ecosystem.


Build sustainable enterprises and communities around you. High-performance impact is wide which lasts forever.


M-intellect is a global leader in technology services and business consulting. We enable clients in more than 60 countries to execute strategies for their business transformation. From engineering to application development, business process management, we help find the right problems to solve, and to solve these effectively. Our team of 100+ innovators, across the globe, is differentiated by the imagination, knowledge, and experience, across industries and technology savvy, which we bring to every project we undertake.

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. Then people will appreciate your leadership.
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M-Intellect provides supreme business knowledge, innovation and services to help global enterprises successfully transform the way they do business. A need to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility.

Digital Enterprise

The digital revolution has impacted enterprises globally on an unprecedented scale. Companies are realizing the tremendous business value unleashed by a combination of the digital forces to rebuild their businesses in fundamental ways.

Platform Solutions

M-Intellect Platform Solutions offer cloud-based platforms. Our platforms on Linux, native iOS, Android and ERP on Cloud are built by m-intellect experience with global customers, expertise in digital technologies, industry practices, and market research.

News/ Articles

Mobile Innovation rising in Indian Market

To put it into perspective, almost half the world’s population are mobile subscribers, but I believe we are still only at the beginning of mobile innovation.Look at how apps have evolved from simple ringtones through to games and social networking, and now to banking and commerce.The pace of change is tremendous.Increased smartphone sales mean more opportunities to deliver new apps and services, as well as huge growth in data demand. Smartphone adoption in emerging markets alone is showing double-digit growth and giving new users access to the mobile internet.

Is Mobile ecosystem truly global one?

4G technology and lower handset costs are making the billions of connected devices even more accessible, with the ability to deliver high performance applications. This presents a great promise of an interconnected world which should allow new innovation to happen even more rapidly.But is the mobile ecosystem a truly global one? Perhaps not quite yet, but I think there is a great opportunity and growing willingness for cross-ecosystem collaboration in order for us to achieve a global mobile community.

Convert possibilities into possible value--M-Intellect

Working with different clients, I noticed a common theme emerge among various business and IT leaders. Many customers are looking for IT reporting that closely resembles their lines of business such as services, departments, applications, teams, and other logical business constructs.Quantifying performance, utilization, and consumption at the logical business unit level is more important to business leaders than at the M -Intellect level. This is because in today’s world,services, applications, and business units can span multiple infrastructures from private, through hybrid, to public. Generally, this has been difficult with traditional tools as they are very infrastructure-centric.

Measuring the app devices – Internet of Things

The IoT or Internet of Things is developing around us every day and the business implications are vast and far reaching. IoT was built to support the scenarios out there, we wanted to choose something that most of us can relate to, but perhaps haven’t thought of in an IoT context before. The purpose of this demo is to illustrate how IoT can measure devices in the ecosystem. To process and analyze data in real time to help assess passer effectiveness and track player interactions. Sensor readings are there around the room in real time. This is all being done with existing infinity IoT platform capabilities available today, being fed from de-facto standard IoT utilities.